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Emotions influence the choices we make in our personal lives, how we manage our business and how we relate with co-workers, customers, loved ones, etc. Without self-awareness, emotions can lead us to troubled relationships, anxiety, depression and grief. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) matters more than IQ when it comes to health, happiness and success. The ability to identify, harness and manage emotions is the key to improving business results, leadership abilities and quality of life.

Kimberly Y. Culp, RDA, is Founder of KYR Staffing agency and CULPing With Life Consulting, where she is The “JOB” Life Coach and a motivational speaker empowering those in the workplace with coping skills. Kimberly earned her RDA from Long Beach State College and Dental Assisting School in 1990, then she moved to Atlanta, GA, working with a variety of cosmetic dentists and traveling across the country learning best practices in dentistry. Kimberly also soared professionally, moving from clinical work to management, and served on the first board for the Dental Hygiene program at Atlanta Technical College.

kimberly culp coach and speaker

Drawing from 11 years’ experience in personnel and client crisis management for two large plaintive law firms in the Atlanta area, Kim’s presentations offer real-world skills and solutions for coping, communication and conflict resolution. As a motivational speaker, life coach and philanthropist, her community involvement is broad; she loves serving senior citizens, homeless people, and battered women and children.

Kimberly is an active member of The Speaking Consulting Network, The Academy of Dental Practice Management Consultants, and The American Association of Dental Office Managers. She is a frequent presenter for the Georgia Dental Society and the North Georgia Dental Society. Her entertaining, fun, unique teambuilding workshops are full of hands-on, “real-life dental office experiences.”

For the past 20 years, KYR Staffing, Inc., has staffed, trained and coached dental offices in Georgia, creating a team of elite dental professionals who understand and love what they do. KYR offers temporary/permanent staffing, team-building, conflict resolution, and team performance/evaluation as well as disciplinary corrections, staff transitions, risk management, fraud prevention/detection, front office/clinical training and staff image training.

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“I know of no one more qualified to teach practice management principles”

“Kimberly was a Godsend to my life and my practice. She brought organization and order to our team, and office production and collections increased. More importantly, I began to have peace of mind. Kimberly possesses confidence, professionalism, style and competence with the services she provides. She has a giving spirit. With her character, competence, and experience, I know of no one more qualified to teach practice management principles.”

—Alfred D. Wyatt, Jr., DMD