Juggling to keep everything afloat, at home and in the workplace?

Learn how to Just Operate Better (JOB) in your life!

With 20 years coaching experience, Kim Culp’s programs offer practical, actionable, and meaningful ways to help people in crisis (and those around them) establish a new normal, improve the emotional atmosphere in both the workplace and home, re-establish regular routines, minimize dangerous mistakes, and re-focus on productivity.

Choose from Kim’s most popular face-to-face and telephone coaching programs (below) or contact Kim to learn about personalizing a coaching program for you!

kimberly culp coaching on work life balance in dental office

JOB Life Coaching for
Confidence and Success

These sessions are ideal for anyone who has decided that they want to change their lives for the better, face challenging decisions or want to be more successful in achieving their goals. JOB Life coaching will provide you with the focused support and encouragement that will help you make a difference by:

  • Building your confidence and strengthening positive self-belief
  • Improving your relationships
  • Developing practical strategies for a better quality of life
  • Helping you to get clear and able to really focus on your goals
  • Supporting you in making difficult decisions

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work life balance in dental office

How to Have
Greater Self-Esteem

A newly confident you is a short step away! This workshop will change the way you feel about yourself and fill your life with fresh enthusiasm, motivation and direction to Just Operate Better. Learn to believe in yourself fully and feel more positive each day through utilization of easy to implement strategies. This workshop introduces the key techniques needed for you to build and maintain confidence and gain a strong, lasting sense of self-esteem.

Open the door to love, happiness and fulfillment in your life by discovering how to:
  • Override self-doubt and be your best in every situation
  • Improve in all of your relationships: home, work and socially
  • Bounce back every time with determination, motivation and confidence
  • Act assertively and get what you want from others
  • Feel good about yourself everyday
  • Overcome a dark mood by learning the skill of optimism
  • Change a negative approach to a positive one
  • Open the door to enjoyment by moving out of the cycle of unhappiness

“Her first hand knowledge of clinical and clerical skills is indispensable”

“Kimberly provides structure and accountability for the team. She identifies and rectifies the processes that are ineffective and makes suggestions on how to replace them. In a short period of time, we were able to run our day to day processes efficiently. Kim is an amazing asset to the practice. Her first hand knowledge of clinical and clerical skills is indispensable. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker, administrator, or mentor.”

—Wayne R. Miller, DMD